Rising Forclosure Rates Mean Rising Rentals
Fri 2nd May 2008 02:02AM

A growing trend is emerging while many families are facing foreclosure or find it difficult to purchase a home in the current economy. That trend is finding a house for rent.

Families with children often find apartment living too cramped. In addition, apartment living often means sharing walls with noisy neighbors who might wake up the kids while they are napping. On the other hand, perhaps the family feels they are being a pest when the baby starts crying at 3 in the morning.

Most apartment spaces do not include a backyard, so letting the kids go outside and run off some energy while searching for worms is not convenient when you live in a small apartment. A mom living in an apartment cannot just open the backdoor and do the dishes while she watches the kids from the window. No, she has to remove herself from her daily tasks and take the kids to the park.

Of course, taking her kids to the park is great bonding time for the family, but that means that later, when she has to do the dishes, the kids will be crowding around her begging for her attention. Clearly, a better alternative to renting an apartment is finding a house for rent.

A house for rent brings all the amenities of having your own space and room to breathe, but without the financial burden of owning your own home. Imagine having no college parties every weekend right on the other side of wall where you try to sleep every night. Imagine having your own washer and dryer in the place where you live, no more lugging dirty clothes to the laundry mat. Imagine having a peaceful home because there is enough room for everyone to play. Your dreams will all come true when you find a house for rent.

As far as the financial responsibility of renting a house goes, the burden is much lighter than owning your home. When you own a house, you foot the entire bill when the air conditioner needs replaced. And let us hope you do not have to unexpectedly pay for a new roof or foundation repair. Those things alone can be thousands of dollars and crush the dreams of a family vacation, or worse, put a family into debt.

However, when you rent a house, the property owner is responsible for fixing or replacing those expensive items. Many a homeowner wishes he or she could say someone else is paying for the new water heater. Renters have it made when it comes to financial responsibility.

Another benefit to finding a house for rent that is a little more subtle than the obvious room and financial freedom is that the renter is not tied down to the house or the town. If they want to move the family to another city, they do not have to worry about selling their current home and then finding a new place to live. Selling a home is not the position a family wants to be in right now. It can take months to get even one offer and you are likely to end up selling for less than what you wanted, or not even making enough money to cover what you owe.

The growing trend of renting a house allows a family to have all the pleasures and necessary space without being too much of a financial burden.

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