Branches of Mystery Shopping Services
Wed 17th Sep 2008 02:03AM

Why should you think of mystery shopping service at all? Well you should definitely want to improve upon your level of client service and want your employees to be more efficient and improve their performance and finally you must want to improve the profits of your company. Whatever may be the age and size of your company you would naturally like to improve and expand and these mystery survey services will help you to do just that. The agencies extend their services to a variety of organizations from the commercial to the voluntary sectors. All you need to do is to approach them.

In todays world the companies spend vast amounts on promotion of their products and advertising. The customers get attracted and the next step is enquiry. This means that they will be encountering the front-end of your business and it will be the most crucial meeting which can make or break your business and also decide the success of new product. The mystery shopping service is just the right choice for the job. The whole process of mystery survey is a tool to evaluate the performance of the staff and the interaction between them and the customer and ultimately the level of customer satisfaction. The interesting thing about such service is that the programs can be customized according to your needs.

The basic method commonly applied in most of the cases is the person to person survey where a shopper, without revealing his or her identity, visits an organization to observe the various aspects of customer dealing and finally report back to the agency that engages them. This is the classical method of mystery survey that has become the most effective and popular among all other methods. As it requires a large number of shoppers to make a substantial base so that there are shoppers of every profile it has become a great source of income for those who want to earn some extra money by using there spare time. Mystery shopping service is not confined to mystery surveys only but there are many other related services that most of the agencies offer.

A very recent method of special survey is the video assisted shopping where the special video surveyor visits the establishment and records the whole process of shopping. This is more effective as a method of mystery survey as the client is handed over a visual document of their staff in the regular situations. This method has also been found to be an excellent tool for training of the staff and as a presentation tool for the managerial meetings. The mystery shopping service also comprises of telephone mystery survey where a person would act as a customer and enquire about a lot of things over the telephone. Since this is the way a number of customers first enquire about a service or product, it is important that this window is monitored closely. If this interface fails to satisfy the customer, then the business will never take of.

Finally there is the online special shopping and postal shopping that needs monitoring. Mystery shopping service checks the response time to a request or complain over the internet in the form of email. Since internet is nowadays being regularly used to do shopping, this medium needs close monitoring too for the business to succeed. The efficiency of the department that posts the flyers, catalogues and brochures are also monitored for a complete coverage of the services that goes into providing a complete package to attract satisfied customers.

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