Basic Needs of a Shadow Shopper
Wed 10th Dec 2008 02:03AM

If you are considering getting started in business as a shadow shopper , then there are several necessities that you will be expected to have in order to fulfill the most basic needs of the clients that you will be working with. While this is by no means and exhaustive list, these items are necessary for you to be able to complete most of the assignments that you may be given. There are other items that will make your shadow shopper experience easier, save time and facilitate timely reports, but for now, these basics are a must have for anyone who is serious about making money as an undercover customer working for any of the hundreds of companies that are willing to pay for you to do so.

The most important tool that any shadow shopper could have is a computer with Internet connection. While not every company operates solely online, the majority of them do, in today�s market. The Internet provides instantaneous access to hundreds of companies, message boards and forums, allowing you to learn and earn from the comfort of your home without having to wait for snail mail. These days, one would be hard pressed to find any business that does not use the Internet. It is a must have in most industries, including this one.

One of the most important things to have, and also the most easily acquired, is a web based email account for assignment and file self storage . Most accounts are free, and by all means it is advisable to have an account that is used just for the job. Combining your personal and business accounts is never a good idea, as there could be important assignments that become lost in spam folders. It is important to check you business email daily so as not to miss out on any assignments.

Having a printer and a scanner is highly recommended. It is impossible to download and print reports to fill out, or scan in and upload receipts to send back to the company with your report, if you do not own these pieces of machinery. They are not that expensive. For less than a hundred and fifty dollars you can usually acquire both. Not having this convenience in your home will make your job much more difficult. Again, it is a real asset to own these things.

Transportation is crucial. While there are some phone based and online based shadow shopper assignments, they are the minority. Most assignments require that you get out and visit these establishments, as the majority of companies that use such a service are concerned with front of the house employee performance. If you do not have a car, then there is a possibility that public transportation can be all that you need if your city has exceptional bus and train lines. Owning your own vehicle, however, allows for the flexibility of creating your own schedule, which is imperative in this business.

The availability of cash and credit card is essential if you decide to break into the realm of the shadow shopper . Most companies require that you use your own cash, and sometimes your own credit card, for purchases that you are then reimbursed for. Collecting receipts is a must, and most every assignment will require it. Make sure to fully research any companies that require the use of your own money, ahead of time. Find out as much as you can from other evaluator that have bee successfully reimbursed. With these basic tools, you can be on your way to a fulfilling, interesting and unique career.


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