Assignment Accepted
Sat 17th May 2008 02:04AM

She accepts the assignment, tomorrow will be the day to execute the orders. She plans her day carefully and with the skill only a woman on a mission could complete. She would get the kids ready for school, wait for the bus to come pick them up and then she would jump in the shower and get herself ready for the day. A cute but simple outfit would be the perfect thing to wear for the assignment. She gathers her paperwork and heads out the door. She wanted to arrive on time and ready to work.

This woman has chosen the assignment to mystery shop a corporate business in her town. Her assignments today, to shop a retail-clothing store and purchase one item fewer than 20 dollars. But that is not the only thing she will need to do to complete her assignment. She must also evaluate the staff and the customer service that is offered. The company that hired her sent her the paperwork ahead of time so she could be familiar with what she would be evaluating during her visit. She wanted to make sure that she had read through her assignment carefully and was poised and ready to shop.

To complete this mystery shop the company that hired her wanted to know a few things like:

Was the store clean and tidy?
Did one of the sales associates greet you when you entered the store?
Did anyone offer to help you with your items?
Was the cashier friendly?
Where the dressing rooms tidy?
How was the customer service overall?
Did the sales associate offer you a store credit card during check out?
What did the sales associate say to you after they were done ringing you up?

After these questions, she was supposed to leave comments about her visit in a special section. Specific examples were expected and she made sure to make a mental note about several of her interactions with the sales associates. This type of mystery shop would have her evaluate and give comments but it was not required for her to make suggestions to the sales associate. The company would review her paperwork and work up a report for the store, including suggestions and recommendations.

She finished her assignment just in time to pick the kids up from school and treat them to ice cream before going home. Her pay? She was supposed to keep the item she purchased and turn in a copy of the receipt to the company that hired her. Next week they wanted her to mystery shop a chain restaurant located on the south side of town. This time her pay will be a meal up to 40 dollars. She decides to ask her husband if he would like to join her on a night out, courtesy of her new part-time job.

Many people looking for a little extra money are turning to this type of job to make a few extra bucks. When you mystery shop , you get paid to shop and you are providing a service for a business to improve their customer service. Because the company is hiring someone from outside of their business to evaluate them, the business can turn around and let the sales associate know what was good and what needs work.

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