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The jagged, glittering skyline of New York City is perhaps the most well recognized panoramic view in the entire world, reaching both outward and skyward in its expansive, sweeping embrace. Within its concrete enclaves, exist the untold stories and triumphs of the millions of individuals and families who live there, reflecting the energy that pulses throughout the city with their own connections, activities and experiences adding to the mix. And what a mix it is. The city that is affectionately known as the Big Apple truly is larger than life, offering all manner of culture, heritage, temptation and excitement.

New York City is divided into 5 sections, called boroughs. Each borough is a mix of neighborhoods, each neighborhood giving rise to their own activities, personalities and attitudes. The borough of Queens is the largest of the five boroughs in size, but second largest in population, as Brooklyn holds the claim to the most residents. Queens is located in West Long Island, offering its more than two million residents much in the way of attractions, amenities and community recreational activities. The neighborhoods of Queens are varied and unique, as are the people who live there. The local businesses and retail offerings that are available are numerous, leaving residents wanting for nothing because it can all be found right in their own backyards.

The neighborhood of Hollis is located in the Southeastern section of the borough of Queens, New York. It has a distinctly African-American feel and flavor, reflecting the values of its population. Made up of mostly small, single-family homes rather than high rise apartment buildings, this neighborhood matches the middle class standards of the good people who have settled there over the generations. There are dozens of neighborhood parks, local and community wide organizations that strengthen and support the families who live there.

StorageMart, located in Hollis at 184-02 Jamaica Ave zip code 11423 is a national leader in the self storage industry, offering high quality personal mini storage and other self storage options to its customers with dedication and professionalism. StorageMart, convenient to residents at 184-02 Jamaica Ave zip code 11423 has been present in the self storage industry for many years, and knows all too well that the passage of time requires that businesses move forward to keep up with the trends and meet the evolving needs of the customers. Offering the highest quality self storage with the most up to date security measures is just one of the ways that StorageMart serves Hollis residents from its facility at 184-02 Jamaica Ave zip code 11423. With many different size options available to choose from at StorageMart, no self storage need will be left unmet, as the trained professionals at StorageMart are there to assist clients and customers with maximizing their dollar and protecting their investments. Residents from all over the borough of Queens know the value of a deal and the necessity of space. They find theirs at StorageMart located in Hollis at 184-02 Jamaica Ave zip code 11423.

The hard working families of Hollis may be tired at the end of a long work week, but it does not stop them from getting out into the greater borough of Queens and experiencing the bountiful offerings that can be found nearby. One of the most enduring and iconic landmarks in Queens is a twelve story, steel representation of Planet Earth, encircled with fountains, located at a park in Queens. A wonderful photo opportunity and a great place for people to picnic, read, play and meet. The park is a mecca for skaters, cyclists and nature lovers of all ages. Right next door is an art museum containing the largest and most graphically complete scale model of New York City and its five boroughs, as well as innumerable works of contemporary art that are meant to mirror the diversity of the borough in which is rests.

Another nearby New York museum celebrates movies and moving pictures with its hands on and informative exhibits that pay tribute to the history and technology of the art of movie making. Chinatown is a great place to shop, eat and enjoy the sights, especially around the time of the Chinese New Year celebrations. There is a symphony orchestra in Queens, bringing musical delight to the many festivals and park performances that take place in the spring and summer months. There are theater troupes for engaging actors and spirited dramatics and providing access to an outlet for their craft, and entertaining audiences all throughout the borough. Restaurants of all kinds and tastes abound in Queens, and Hollis residents never lack a long list of choices when it comes to deciding what is for dinner.

Residents in New York also have access to the best self storage in the city, at StorageMart, located at 184-02 Jamaica Ave, zip code 11423. Furniture storage is often a common need for residents whose lifestyles have outgrown their living spaces, especially in a large city where paying for each square foot of space in a home or apartment costs substantially more than it does in other pars of the country. StorageMart is located in Hollis at 184-02 Jamaica Ave zip code 11423 also offers boat storage and RV storage to its neighborhood StorageMart customers. Not too many homes and apartments have garages in the heart of the big city. Storage for large trailers and vehicles is always a must for the owners of those big ticket items. StorageMart makes it affordable to protect and secure cars, too, with car storage units made available at their facilities, including the convenient StorageMart location at 184-02 Jamaica Ave zip code 11423.

The New York experience encompasses far more than just the community life in the various neighborhoods, and more than even extended family. People who live in New York have some of the most wonderful experiences available to them, opportunities that people travel from all over the world just to experience, right in front of them, literally lighting up the night sky. Fifteen miles outside of the neighborhood of Hollis, residents can do and see it all in the glitzy, garish lights of Manhattan and Times Square.

A sea of skyscrapers jetting upwards from the horizon is an attention getter, and it draws people in. New York City is an urban jungle that sits cushioned by a man made forest, in the way of the countrys first artificially landscaped park, a centrally located respite from the cold steel and glass, yet nestled right beneath it. It is a place where residents can enjoy boating or a dinner cruise as well as a romantic carriage ride. They can spend the day walking the various paths on its lush, green 850 acre grounds, visit a zoo or a garden or just sitting with friends.

Tourists from all over the world come to catch the 80 mile, 360 degree vistas from atop one of the worlds tallest skyscrapers, standing high at almost 1500 feet tall. There are 1800 steps climbing up to the top, for those who have the stamina for it. The rest of us will just take the elevators. The Statue of Liberty at Ellis Island is an icon and a destination unto itself. Taking the ferry out to see this beautiful gift from the French to America in the 1600s, will be a full days worth of activity, as thousands of people file to and from this monument each day, all year long. Residents and commuters routinely take the ferry from lower Manhattan to Staten Island, getting out into the harbor, where some best views of the skyline are Lady Liberty are visible.

Living in New York brings even more to the doorsteps of residents. It is a place where dinner and a show can mean a cheap burger and a movie or a five course feast bathed in the dim candlelit glow of a five star Italian restaurant and a live theater performance in the balcony of a world renowned Broadway theater. It means ice skating in the middle of a busy square at Christmastime and watching the ball drop on New Years Eve. For residents who live there, a world of possibilities awaits them.

StorageMart, located in Hollis at 184-02 Jamaica Ave zip code 11423 offers all kinds of possibilities when it comes to self storage. They have small, 5x10 units on up to units that are the size of a two car garage. Owning a car in the big city is a huge expense, as parking is difficult to find and expensive to maintain. Many people, who own vehicles choose to store their car in a car storage unit at StorageMart located in Hollis at 184-02 Jamaica Ave zip code 11423. They find that it is much more cost effective to pay a monthly fee for a garage space of their own than it is to pay the parking lot fees, preferring instead to take public transportation and walk. StorageMart located at 184-02 Jamaica Ave zip code 11423, assist customers with moving truck rentals, as well as moving and packing supplies, from their on site retail establishments. StorageMart provides self storage customers in New York City with all that they will need in the way of personal self storage.

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